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The Way They Rule the World

Human society is ruled by so-called "Hellish people". It deals with Hellish humanoid souls incarnated into the human bodies that, although being better than evil Hellish demons, are not still fully good, of course. They originate from a place that I call a "lower Hell", which means a less evil Hell, but still being far from the real Heaven.
Their endeavor is to reach technical development. They have two main goals. One of them is the creation and management of a positively-functioning human society and the other one is to arrange a regular occurrence of some evil things in it.
To speak about the good, I must mention efficient health service and various comforts of life like electrical power, gas, and energy distribution; personal computers; mobile phones; personal cars; the TV; education (one part is emphasized and almost perfect, one part is skipped and one deliberately wrong); laws that protect the weaker against the strong etc. Hellish people also keep good relationship between many big nations and countries.
However, let us now discover the evil they hide in our society for thousands of years. There are Hellish demons that require such terrible events like wars and terroristic actions, too poor and starving people, maltreated and abused people, those crazy ones and so on. And Hellish people have a secret agreement with these demons to arrange such evil things in the society every now and again.
Out of the newer years let us..

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Modern and contemporary, thought the four words point to a similar meaning it might be worthwhile to know that modern art and contemporary art both are different terms and ought to not be confused with each other. Both differ in terms of time period, style as well as the general focus.

Modern art is believed to have begun at around 1880 with artists such as Manet and Van Gogh who focused more on the subjective representation of modern-life subjects for identifying matchless styles to reflect inner and/or outer worlds.

Modern artists were those who researched new ways of expressing their ideas. This sort of art denotes the style as well as philosophy of the art produced at that period. Modern art differed from traditional arts as it was more towards inward looking endeavor and exploring purity within a specific medium. Contemporary artwork on the other hand usually could refer to an artwork created by a still living artist. It means an art produced at this present point in time or produced since World War II.

Modern art and paintings were up till the 1960's or 70's. That was when contemporary art came in strongly and was given a more explicit definition. At this point contemporary artworks were referred to post-Modern period with a broad melding of styles as well as media.

Modern Art aimed to: (1) trust inner visions, (2) express visions in work, (3) use actual life such as social issues and pics and (4) experiment..

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How To Host Rocking Stag Parties

You listen to that shocking news that you have been expecting to listen to for while. Your best mate is about to get married. It is apparent that you are selected as the best man & have some obligations. While you mate is tagging along along with his fiancé picking the gown & arranging for the marriage. You require to prepare a speech for the reception & the most important event the bachelor's party.


This period needs to be memorable. This party ought to be as per the interests of your mate. It often assumed that bachelor's parties are supposed to have lots of alcohol, wild night of streaks & dancing girls. However in case you groom does not dig this, the whole evening will be pooped & no one will be be having any fun. You have sit down with the groom & you friends to plan & settle on such an outing that would be fun for all. There lots of suggestions which people are experimenting today is like a trek, adventure sports like a cross country run etc.


Whichever type of party you settle on, you require to start planning early. Lots of of these bachelor parties are a 5 – 7 day event. Therefore you require to book tickets early so that you are not left empty handed in the finish. Keep in mind the climatic conditions of the place, in case you go to a place when it is hot, then none of you would require to venture out of the hotel room.


Invite those..

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Tips On Hosting Fun Stag Parties

You listen to that shocking news that you have been expecting to listen to for while. Your best mate is about to get married. It is apparent that you are selected as the best man and have some duties. While you mate is tagging along together with his fiancé picking the gown and arranging for the marriage. You need to prepare a speech for the reception and the most important event the bachelor's party.


This period needs to be memorable. This party ought to be as per the interests of your mate. It often assumed that bachelor's parties are supposed to have lots of alcohol, wild night of streaks and dancing girls. However in case you groom does not dig this, the whole evening will be pooped and no one will be be having any fun. You have sit down with the groom and you friends to plan and select such an outing that would be fun for all. There lots of suggestions which people are experimenting today is like a trek, adventure sports like a cross country run etc.


Whichever type of party you select, you need to start planning early. Lots of of these bachelor parties are a 5 – 7 day event. Therefore you need to book tickets early so that you are not left empty handed in the finish. Keep in mind the climatic conditions of the place, in case you go to a place when it is hot, then none of you would need to venture out of the hotel room.


Invite those individuals who are enthusiastic and..

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Hire a London Magician for Your Next Event

If you are having a party in London magician hiring can make any party a more memorable one. Generate a memory that people will keep in mind fondly for years to come. Because magic is a mystery to most people, they think about every act as a new experience. You can see a show & wonder the way it is completed or how can it be feasible, but you know a performer doesn't reveal his or her secrets, so you are left guessing. Parties that have a magical performance make people laugh & get everyone's attention. It is an ageless event & is something that young & elderly similar can enjoy. There is always a little little bit of kid wonderment in everyone, don't you think? A magic show is not for kids, though. A magic show can be completed at weddings, special events, & even for adult parties where there's no kids involved whatsoever.

When you present a magic show at your UK party, you are giving everyone something to do. It is a great way to plan a party schedule, with time set up for food, for entertainment, for cake, & / or gifts as well. Your guests will be astonished at how the magical world works. They will listen & watch intently, trying to figure out how he did that card trick or how he made that keychain finish up in his pocket. Company picnics or company holiday parties, when kids are there, are ideal events to have a magic show. You can have the magician walk around the crowds performing or have an area under a tent where magical..

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Upcoming Christmas 2010 Brings Gifts, Ornaments, Trees

Every year Christmas is celebrated with great fun where every one wishes to plan proper organized parties, stage shows, functions, get together parties and lots of more. Christmas is one of the sacred festivals of Christian community which is now celebrated in all over the world with complete fun and pleasure. It is one of the most joyful festivals of European side but as with the time it got awesome popularity in Eastern and Southern side of the world. Now, not only Christian community but also other sections of the society celebrate Christmas with complete fervor and pleasure. As with the changing trends of the Christmas celebrations among the society, types of gifts, ornaments, decorations, recipes, flowers, santa, candles, songs, cruises, dresses are become the part of christmas celebration. Besides, recession period people are always in purpose to spend increasingly while celebrating the vent of christmas. Every where you will find artificial flowers, artificial lights where Christmas Santa is roaming along with his gifts bucket offered to small kids. This period is very special for small children and kids where they get chance to learn about christmas history and various traditions of the society.

Christmas trees play an important role in the coursework of Christmas celebration. Trees are usually fitted in the room for christmas decorations, in party area, garden and outdoor in order to show excitement while celebrating christmas event. You can make your..

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Arbitration And Conciliation Act In India – An Overview


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Party machines – Add up Theatrical Effects to Your Party!

Themed parties are welcomed by adults and teenagers. Setting up a theme party requires plenty of planning, from designing invitations and picking costumes to finalizing the menu and setting the atmosphere. In addition to the decorations and music, appropriate sexy party machines can help you build the right atmosphere for your party.

In case you are planning to organize your Halloween party in the garage, the inclusion of party fog machines can enhance the spooky atmosphere. The party fog machine may even be effective in adding a final touch to your cemetery setup. A sudden blow of fog from the hidden fog machines is nothing short of thrilling. The effect of this machine is at its fullest only when the fog hugs the floor and doesn't float through the air. It is advisable to keep your pricey furniture away while using party fog machines. Children love bubble and balloon themes for their party. Bubble machines are the most suitable choice for such parties.

When you are melting under the sweltering heat, winter themed parties will bring the much-needed relief. With the help of party snow machines you can generate the fairytale white winter at any time of the year. The party snow machines will help your guests forget the actual weather outside.

So, in case you need to make your themed parties more realistic and fun, spend some bucks on party machines at SummitFashions. The store offers machines such as the Snow Machine Maker for..

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How To Host Fun Stag Weekends in Wroclaw

Stag Parties is a custom that has been followed since ages. This is an event organized to celebrate the alter in one's life. Today's bachelor parties loud & chaotic have plenty of alcohol & scantily clad ladies. There's been plenty of instances where these parties have caused a showdown between the groom & the bride. The underlying reason of this party is lost because of these activities. A bachelor party is reliving the times you have had together. This would be a night to get nostalgic because this one those moments where you are without any obligations.

In case you are Wroclaw, to celebrate this event, you have plenty of options that you can look forward to. This city has a deep history as is advanced like any other major city in the world. This city has plenty of businesses, restaurants, theatres & plenty of educational institutions. There plenty of tourists who visit this place regularly. The nightlife here in this city is swinging & the pubs are open throughout the night.

Here is what you can do to make the weekend memorable;

1)    You can do plenty of stuff in 48 hours. For the first day, when you have the energy you can go & do plenty of sightseeing & places of interest in the city. In case you are the type of individuals who loves travelling & you can take a tour guide & who will give you a history of the place. Poland is one of those places cuisine is exotic & you can have hearty..

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Stags Wroclaw

Stags have been an important custom since ancient times. This was an event that was organized before a significant transformation took place in one's life. These parties are supposed to be fun without any underlying agenda or a theme. To make the party a blast & moment of a lifetime you require to plan to set it in motion. The issue with these parties in that, all the members get drunk & the night is spent without someone doing anything fascinating.

Wroclaw is a city situated in the South East of Poland. This city has a deep history to it & cultural traditions runs back to ancient times. Today, this city has is like any of the advanced cities in the world, is house of lots of businesses, restaurants, theatres & top rate educational institutions. This place is also buzzing with tourists & has lots of attractions. The nightlife is also very vibrant & the pubs are open till the wee hours.

Here is how to make the night memorable:

1)    Pick the names of the individuals who you are going to invite. Most of these stag parties are bachelor parties. The visitor list is therefore ought to be the liking of the groom. Invite all of your friends who have stuck with you for long & would love to be an element of this joyful transition. Do invite lots of folks; otherwise the party would become noisy & chaotic. This event ought to your group bonding.

2)    In lots of traditions, the fathers of the..

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Gaza Explodes - Arab League Implodes

750000 Gazan Arabs have vented their spleen - not against Israel - but against the policies of the Arab League which once again left them high and dry this week - as it has done for the last 60 years - after describing Israel’s refusal to supply oil to Gaza as a “humanitarian crisis.”

Israel’s action may have been drastic and ultimately proved to be temporary - for the moment at least.

It had come as the final response by a country that was no longer prepared to supply fuel to Gaza whilst Israel’s civilian population centers were subjected to a continuous barrage of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza and whilst Gaza was controlled by Hamas - an organisation whose declared goal is the destruction of Israel.

The Arab League’s pathetic response to Israel’s action resulted in the Gazan breakout into Egypt by half of its total population .

Instead of despatching oil and food supplies to Gaza through Egypt to meet the population’s demands, the Arab League preferred to run off to the United Nations Security Council seeking the political condemnation of Israel for having the temerity to defend its citizens.

In scenes reminiscent of the demolition of the Berlin Wall, Gazan Arabs rebuffed the Arab League’s weak-kneed and inhumane policy and blew holes in the border fence separating Gaza from Egypt. Gazan Arabs were reunited with their Egyptian Arab brethren as they bought food and fuel in Egypt, which could..

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Goodbye Rudy And.......?

The rumor mills were working overtime Tuesday evening after the expected results for the [URL=http://www.transformhouston.com/archive/it-is-the-florida-primary-after-all.php#more-10074]Florida primary[/URL] were settled. Rudy Guiliani had built his firewall (the one) in Florida & last night that went up in smoke. So, Rudy is expected to announce today from Los angeles that he is dropping out of the race & endorsing John McCain. Will there be another announcement at midday from New Orleans?

Last night, Giuliani stopped short of announcing he was stepping down, but delivered a valedictory speech that was more farewell than fight-on. Why ought to he?

The former mayor done a distant third to the winner, McCain, & close second-place finisher Mitt Romney. Republican officials said Giuliani would endorse McCain on Wednesday in Los angeles. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in advance of the public announcement. But somebody with a tiny ability to read between the lines got the message. Rudy is toast!

Asked directly whether he was dropping out of the race, Giuliani said only: "I'm going to Los angeles." Republican presidential candidates were scheduled to debate at the Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley on Wednesday night. Did you listen to it? :-)

On the otehr side of the isle, John Edwards has cancelled a couple of speeches & in lieu he is going to New Orleans today to give a..

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Taliban Resurgence?

Democrats have talked endlessly about how we'd lost Iraq and needed to spend more time looking for Osama (not Obama) in Afghanistan. Things have a comic way of working out. Iraq now appears to be working out much better, but Afghanistan may need much more help. As the film "Charlie Wilson's War" depicts, The Russian empire fell due to Afghanistan. And?

Despite the presence of over 50,000 U.S. and NATO troops throughout Afghanistan, the Taliban has taken back control of giant rural areas in the coursework of the past year and now has a foothold outside Kabul. An assault on the Serena Hotel has raised questions about whether any place in the country is safe from the fundamentalists and terrorists whom the war was originally intended to eradicate. Men dressed as police walked in and detonated explosives killing plenty of.

The assault was masterminded by Mullah Abdullah, a close ally of Pakistani militant leader Siraj Haqqani. Haqqani is thought to be based in Miran Shah, the main town in Pakistan's lawless tribal region of North Waziristan and the U.S. military has a $200,000 bounty out on him. Saleh said he did not known whether Abdullah is Afghan or Pakistani.

Is not it brilliant that they cannot find either Obama nor Abdullah! And if the U.S. economy keeps tanking, how much longer can they afford such a war?

In the better times that followed the U.S.-led invasion, Kabul's famous Chicken Street used to..

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Hillary-gate Revisited?

If there was anything that Hillary desired to do in her run for the presidency, it was to distance herself from her past & a quantity of the "negatives" that were associated with Bubba. & yet, the way Bubba has conducted himself along with his finger-waving "shame on you" condescending attitude, memories of the past have resurfaced with great harm & embarrassment to both.

The press is even now reminding us of Hillary Clinton's cattle-futures deal, Travelgate, Whitewater, Filegate, the Lincoln Bedroom Fire Sale, Pardongate - & the inevitable replay of the Monica Lewinsky ordeal. & then they are also being reminded of how both Clinton's blame the right-wing conspirators for all the worlds issues & assaults on them.

Sen. Clinton's oft-contradictory owner stands are another issue. He voted for the war in Iraq, but now says it was a bad idea. She'd finish it yesterday - but refuses to say how. It is called "triangulation" - the Clintonian tactic by which the ends are played against the middle. Two times, it was effective - brilliant. Today, it is worn out & tattered - & it reeks of cynicism & opportunism.

How much destroy has Bubba completed?

Whether they has completed much harm remains to be be seen come Super Tuesday. At the least, however, the former president has begun to change the polarity of his own presence in her campaign from positive to negative..

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Gore for Obama?

Why not? If Al is going to do anything to get himself back in to the political mix, then there could be nothing better for him to do than back Obama NOW- before Super Tuesday. He is surely not going toi back Hillary & staying OUT of the endorsement game won't help his cause down the road.

Global warming is his issue but politics is his second love!

Listen. Barack Obama has momentum. He won massive time in South Carolina. He posted another astonishing fundraising total of some $32,000,000.00 for January alone. Gallup reports that he’s pulled to within three points of Hillary Clinton. & Ted Kennedy’s endorsement Monday had the feel of history about it. one endorsement could be bigger—and if Al Gore is going to pull the trigger, you require to think he’ll do so in the next 72 hours.

Whatcha waiting for Gore?

I have already done [URL=http://www.transformhouston.com/archive/the-democrats-super-tuesday.php#more-10081]the math for next Tuesday[/URL], so who require to wait until June? Gore has said he won’t endorse someone Why ought to he?. He’s won an Oscar as well as a Nobel. The cause he crusaded for has become central to the public conversation in a way even he could seldom have imagined.

All of these are nice reasons to stay out of the fray. But they’re equally nice reasons to jump in to it.

Obama is now close to a massive win that Gore’s endorsement could basically put him over..

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Moveon Moves to Obama

If there someone or any group that the Conservatives detest, it is MoveOn.org or basically MoveOn! Republicans emotionally demonize MoveOn much like the Democrats see Karl Rove as Devil incarnate. Eveyone that is a left-winger or a Democrat desires the MoveOn backing. Three times on a time, Hillary had them in her purse, or is it the other way around? Whatever!

But ahead of Super Tuesday, guess who MoveOn is backing?

The ever controversial liberal advocacy group has voted to endorse Barack Obama Friday, pledging to mobilize 1.7 million members in Tremendous Tuesday states on behalf of the Los angeles senator. Who does this voting? Who are these guys? But hey! Do they must know over that there's 1.7 million out there?

It was the first time the group’s members ever voted to endorse a presidential candidate in a primary. MoveOn.org Political Action members hosted an Net poll after John Edwards left the Democratic race Wednesday, & all of its surveyed members thought it was time to give an endorsement. The final vote favored Obama over Hillary Clinton by 70 to 30 percent.

impressive! Hillary was to wonder what is coming next! Were they worried about Hillary-Gate?

Obama & MoveOn have both been vocal opponents of the Iraq war, & MoveOn.org executive director Eli Pariser said Obama is the best candidate to finish the war, provide universal health care, address global warming & “change..

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Feel the Pulse of Changing Tastes while Buying the Gifts for Friends

There are so lots of occasions when you require to buy gifts for friends. When you were in school or college you had to attend the birthday parties of your friends. You have also to throw parties for them. You require to attend their wedding parties or anniversary parties in coming future. When you were a student, your sister used to do all the shopping on behalf of you. But now you require to do all the shopping yourself. As you have a nice number of buddies, so you often must scour the market to ferret out the best gifts for friends. The items vary in accordance with their tastes. You have noticed that the taste of a person keeps changing as they or they grows older. So you have gathered a great deal of knowledge regarding choosing the gifts for friends.

When a person is more youthful in age, they or they may have a fetish for the conventional items with funky looks. As they get older they prefer to stick to the traditional objects. Still there's some gifts that can be treated as the all time favourite. They have timeless appeal to any gender. Such brilliant range of gifts that can resist the blow of time includes jewelries, fabulous wrist watches, books & any items having a quality of durability. All of them can make the great gifts for friends.

It often happens that elderly themes come flooding back & the designers present them with a contemporary touch. The heavy sets of jewelries have been replaced by the light-weighted items but..

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Why You Can't Measure Your Performance Outcomes

One of the worst immeasurability issues with strategy is the excessive use of 'weasely' language. & you'll know what I mean if your strategy is filled with words like efficiency, productivity, sustainability, or even performance outcomes.

Wikipedia explains what weasel words are:

The expression weasel word derives from the egg-eating habits of weasels... An egg that a weasel has sucked will look intact to the casual observer, while actually being empty. Thus, words or claims that turn out to be empty on analysis are known as "weasel words". The expression first appeared in Stewart Chaplin's short story 'Stained Glass Political Platform' (published in 1900 in The Century Journal,... in which they were known as "words that suck the life out of the words next to them, as a weasel sucks the egg & leaves the shell." Theodore Roosevelt attributed the term to Dave Sewall, claiming that Sewall used the term in a private conversation in 1879...

In the political sphere, this type of language is used to "spin" or fine-tune the public's perception of an issue. In 1916, Theodore Roosevelt argued that "one of our defects as a nation is an inclination to make use of \. 'weasel words'; when one 'weasel word' is used \. after another there is nothing left."

My first exposure to the term was from Don Watson, an Australian political speech writer & author of plenty of books but four..

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Obama Wins Super Tuesday?

The headline that wasn't read or made until Wednesday morning was- Obama wins the most states and Obama wins the most delegates (840-830). Of coursework the way delegates are divided up, knowing how long it will take to count all of New york, and all that, the "exact" number is not set in concrete. Super Tuesday was tremendous for both candidates when you are fair about it.

In a surprise twist after a chaotic Tremendous Tuesday, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) passed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) in network tallies of the number of delegates the candidates racked up last night. With the delegate count still under way, NBC News said Obama appears to have won around 840 delegates in yesterday’s contests, while Clinton earned about 830 — “give or take a few,” Tim Russert, the network’s Washington bureau chief, said on the “Today” show.

The walking totals from way back in Iowa (keep in mind the Iowa caucus?) show the six candidates about 75 votes within each other (with Hillary ahead). They has the advantage of the Super Delegates (193-106), but that is a very liquid count and represents less than half of all the tremendous delegates.

On Wednesday morning, the battle was on to shape public perceptions about Tuesday. So, naturally the Obama count is going to keep mentioning how MANY states they won and Hillary will mention the BIG states that they won.

The Obama campaign sent an e-mailed statement titled:..

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The Coming Of The Prophet Elijah

Prior to the arrival of Jesus Christ, the nation of Israel endured several hundred years of silence from the Lord. The Old Testament prophets who had in days past delivered regular messages from God Almighty suddenly went silent. But in the final verses of the Old Testament, God gave a promise to Israel. He promised to send the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. In the first century, many Jews lived in a state of constant alert, ready for the arrival of Elijah at a moment's notice. It was this very atmosphere of expectation into which John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth first appeared.

Below is the prophecy which prompted great expectation of Elijah's coming. It appears in the Book of Malachi:

"Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord arrives. His preaching will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse." Malachi 4:5-6 (NLT)

For the past 2,000 years, many Christians have believed Elijah's identity is an open-and-shut case. The conventional wisdom is that he's already appeared, thus fulfilling completely the prophecies of Malachi 4. It's easy to see why this is a commonly held belief, because Jesus Himself said John the Baptist was Elijah:

"And if you are willing to accept what I say, he is Elijah, the one the prophets said..

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Government Grants For Women - Winning Tactics

You have arrived here to read this because you are looking for more information on getting government grants for ladies? Most specialists would agree that this has to be one of the most ideal financial ways to generate your business by using grant funds. The trend appears to be toward the giving of grants to those who start their own small businesses while also contributing to the economy at giant. The federal government will give Business grants to individuals who qualify. Since they don't must be paid back grants differ from loans.

Pick a Business Loan Or Business Grant?

Another differing point about grants is that they don't specify credit checks, collateral, security deposits or co-signers. Most of the time what IS necessary from you is to send them periodic progress reports which will tell them on the progress of your specified goals as present in your application. This is to make sure money are being used as historicallyin the past specified. Look in to the links introduced in the resource box in case you need more information on this.

Women's Business Grants Defined

Ladies can run a business outside of the home or a home-based business by utilizing business grants. They can be used to:

1) Start a new or expand an existing business. 2) Equipment financing. 3) Acquisition of a new or existing business. 4) Office Rent. 5) Salaries and related expenses. 6) Office expenses and overhead.

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10 Things To Know About The Federal Reserve

1) The Federal Reserve Technique (a.k.a. The Fed) was created in 1913 when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in to law. The past several government attempts at making a centralized bank had failed- the Federal Reserve was a new bank that served as a compromise between privatization and populism.

2) Financial policyowner is how the Federal Reserve controls the amount of funds and credit in the economy. Financial policyowner also affects rates of interest and the whole performance of the economy. The Fed's goals for financial policyowner are full employment and stable prices, which in turn promote sustainable economic growth.

3) The Fed makes use of open market operations, the discount rate and reserve requirements to affect financial policyowner. Open market operations refer to the purchasing and selling of government securities. The discount rate is the rate of interest that the Federal Reserve Banks charge other banks. Reserve requirements refer to the portions of deposits that banks must maintain either in their vaults or on deposit at a Federal Reserve Bank.

4) The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) consists of twelve members. The FOMC creates financial policyowner. The committee meets four times a year in D.C. In the work of meetings members speak about the economy and policyowner options.

5) The Fed is in charge of ensuring that funds and credit both grow at a pace that can permit..

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How to Use Magick Spells to Positively Affect the Presidential Election – and Why You Should

Many Wiccans and Pagans use spell work and magick for personal issues without ever applying them to larger, global problems. Those that do, though, tend to cast overly broad spells. They work magick to heal the environment, or bring about world peace. Those are ambitious goals, but spell casting works better with a more narrow focus. Large effects are more easily achieved by taking several small steps -- like eating an elephant one bite at a time. If we are to be truly responsible for creating the world as we want it to be, then we need to prioritize magickal work on government and current events, choosing very specific political goals.

The main political problem on everyone’s mind right now is the Presidential election, particularly the heavily contested democratic primary. However, the suggestions I make here will work equally well for the general election, once the democratic nominee has been selected. These spells are not meant to take the place of active participation in the mundane political process. Rather, they act as a spiritual supplement that boosts the effectiveness of those efforts, and provide a psychological boost to help keep you fighting for what you believe.

I’m going to assume most of you reading this have already made up your minds whom to support in the democratic primary. I also assume you are strongly in favor of one candidate, or strongly opposed to the other. If you plan on voting for John McCain in the general election,..

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A Man of Unity and Healing: Barak Obama on “a More Perfect Union”

Barak Obama’s speech on March 18th, 2008 will go down in history as one of the great speeches given in our time. I highly recommend hearing it or reading the text. His spiritual maturity is a shining light. He words carried depth and showed a person who is not afraid to tackle sensitive issues by going to the heart of them and revealing them for what they are.

What did I like about his speech?

1. Instead of spitefulness and rancor and self-defense, he elevated the problems of race, hatred, divisiveness, inequality and such by framing them as a process of unfoldment that we all need to care about. It is a process of becoming a more perfect union on the individual or national levels, a process of integration with our essential being.

2. He showed that we do not throw out a person from our life because we disagree with him. Not everything said and preached in places of worship are accepted and agreed upon by every single person sitting in the pews. With his loving care, Obama may have a better impact on the Pastor Wright than he would have if he condemned him as a person. We are all subject to make mistakes and it would be a lonely world if every time someone made a mistake everyone left and abandoned him. Obama understood his Pastor because he understands his own inner workings and understands how our personal experiences shape and condition our life narrative.

3. He showed that we do not need to perpetuate hatred,..

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Final Solution to African Poverty

A free online article of the Focus on Africa magazine of particular interest to me was that by Gamal Nkrumah, published on 22 Jan 2007. In this article, Mr Gamal advised that the only way forward for Africa was a continental union as envisaged by his late farther Kwame Nkrumah, one of the founding fathers of pan-African politics. A free online aspect of BBC News by the economics reporter, Steve Schifferes with the question:'Why can't Africa tackle poverty?', also caught my attention. Mr Schifferes blamed African poverty to unfulfilled promises of monetary aid to Africa by developed countries.

Unknown to Mr Gamal and Mr Schifferes, their suggestions will never be solutions to African disunity or poverty.

An elder once said, 'One can never know what poverty is, unless one becomes poor'. The true situation of Africa today is that there is much poverty in the continent than what is known by the rest of the world. I mean poverty with capital 'P'. Africa is a continent in which each nation is made up of several ethnic groups with diverse cultural and religious differences. This situation is aggravated by poverty such that the continent is susceptible to ethnic clashes, civil wars, formation of political parties based on ethnic interests, etc. A continent made of about 99% of children leaving in abject poverty, the dream of every African child is to become rich in order to liberate himself/herself and the family from the terrible monster-poverty...

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