Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cysts, Cysts on Ovaries

In this article we will discuss about the function of ovaries and natural remedies for ovarian cysts. Ovary is an important part of female reproductive system. Women have two ovaries, one on each side of the uterus. They are attached to the uterus by fibers. They are oval in shape and about 4cm long and 1cm wide. In girls who have reached puberty, the ovaries take it in turns to hormones Oestrogen and Progesterone which are responsible for some of the change which take place during the monthly cycle. During puberty these hormones help reproductive organs to grow and develop. The ovaries stop releasing ova after the menopause.The female egg cell is called ovum. An ovum is so small that it can't be seen without a microscope. The ovum travels down the fallopian tube and if it meets a man's sperm, it is fertilized and it lodges itself in the woman's uterus and starts to develop into a baby. If it is not fertilized, it passes out of the woman's vagina in her vaginal fluid. Cysts on OvariesThere is a common disorder of ovaries known as ovarian cysts. They are caused by hormonal imbalances, causing fluid filled sacs to appear on the ovaries. If a woman experience sudden abnormal vaginal bleeding, pain during intercourse or abdominal pain, she should have an ultrasound to see whether she actually do have cysts.Cysts on ovaries can be both large and small in size. They are often formed after the menstrual period. These are the most common type of cysts. They usually disintegrate themselves after three to four months of their formation. They are formed due to some problems that occurred during the monthly cycle that causes fluid to fill up an ovarian follicle. Natural Remedies for Cysts on Ovaries1. The patient should add more fruits, vegetables, legumes, garlic and whole grains and cut down meat and cheese to prevent cysts on the ovaries.2. The herbs red clover can bring hormones back into balance and shrink the cysts.3. Dandelion cleanses body system, allowing liver to naturally expel excess hormones.4. Do not eat foods that contain preservatives, refined sugar and chemicals to preserve foods. 5. Leafy green vegetables such as cabbage are useful natural remedies for ovarian cysts.Find powerful Female Libido Enhancers to improve your bedroom pleasure. Also find effective Vaginal Dryness Lubricant. Get powerful Premature Ejaculation Pills to stay longer in bed.Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program. Copyright © Anna Patrick, All Rights Reserved. If you want to use this article on your website or in your ezine, make all the urls (links) active.

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