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Critical Thinking: Why Are Men Being Demonised?

The short film that was recently released by a big brand is yet another thing that focuses on 'toxic masculinity'. There are some people who are pleased that it has been made, while there are others who have had a very different reaction.

If someone is on board with it, they could believe that some men need to realise that the behaviours that were pointed out in the video are not acceptable. Its then as though some men believe that bullying, harassment and violence, amongst other things, are essential when it comes to being a man.


For the people who didn't have a positive response to this video, they may struggle to understand this view. Someone like this could say that these behaviours have absolutely nothing to do with masculinity or being a man.

If fact, someone could say that this is how a man behaves when he is not in a good way. Therefore, as opposed to saying that man like this is showing signs of 'toxic masculinity', it would be more accurate to say that he is a deeply wounded human being.

A More Balanced Outlook

It is then not that men like this were told that this is how real men behave or something similar; it is that they are behaving in a destructive way because their inner world is in a mess. What this also means, then, is that just as wounded men do destructive things, so do wounded women.

This doesn't mean that their behaviour is therefore..

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'You Can't Have Anything Until You Don't Need It'

Earlier on, whilst I was out, I spotted a book that caught my attention. This book was called 'Creating Money: Attracting Abundance', and it was written by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

A number of months ago I had looked through another book that Sanaya Roman has written, and this played a part in me reaching out for this book. This book was about awareness, and I remembered looking through it and thinking about how it was full of great advice.

A Different Way

I soon find out that the book about money was channelled, as was the book about awareness. When this takes place, it basically means that someone has received information from a being that is on the other side, so to speak.

I must admit that when I first heard about this, many years ago, I thought it was a bit wacky. But as I'm open minded, I will read just about anything and then come to my own conclusion.

Packed Full of Insights

So, even though this book was also channelled, I was well aware of how good the previous book was. I ended up flicking through the book and a section of it soon caught my eye.

One part said, 'detachment is a mental letting-go, just as surrender is an emotional letting-go.' I thought that this was a good way of looking at the difference between letting go mentally and letting go emotionally.

The Main Part

This wasn't the part of the book that had the biggest..

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The Media: Can The Mainstream Media Teach Someone A Lot About Defence Mechanisms?

When it comes to explaining something it can be hard to explain it directly, which is why analogies can be so effective. Using an analogy can allow someone to get their point over a lot faster than they would otherwise.

Through thinking about something that is not related to the topic at hand, one can understand the topic that is being spoken about. Once this has taken place, there can be no need for them to think about the thing that is not related to the topic.

An Interesting Area

When it comes to psychology, there are plenty of people who will have heard of the term 'defence mechanism'. Still, the average person probably doesn't have a deep understanding of this area.

They might be familiar with a few defences, such as denial or justification, but that could be as far as it will go. If this is the case, one thing that they could do, to gain a deeper understanding of this area of psychology, is to look towards the mainstream media.

One Way

Yet, instead of seeing the mainstream media as a combination of different organisations; they can see it as another human being. But, even though this human being has a different purpose to other human beings, it still uses defence mechanisms just like other human beings do.

And just as defence mechanisms can cause one to harm themselves and others, the defences that the media use can harm themselves and others. The main difference is..

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Self-Righteousness: Can Someone Become Self-Righteous If They Feel Worthless?

Just as there are many ways in which someone can respond when they get to another country, there are also a number of ways in which someone can respond when they feel worthless. In the same way that going to a new country can have a big effect on someone, feeling worthless can have an even bigger effect on them.

It would be more accurate to say that it not just a feeling, as it will most likely be something that has permeated their whole being. To see it as just a feeling would create the impression that it is something that can simply be ignored and have no effect whosever.

Two Options

Due to how powerful their inner experience of being worthless will be, they can respond in one of two ways. What they can do is embrace how they feel and allow this experience to directly affect their life.

On the other hand, they can end up disconnecting from what is taking place within them, allowing it to affect them in a more indirect way. Therefore, regardless of whether they opt for the first or the second option, what is taking place within them will still impact their life.


If someone goes for the first option and generally embraces this feeling, they can end up spending a lot of time feeling low. Being depressed can be a normal part of their life, making it hard for them to motivate themselves to do anything.

What they are also likely to have is a strong inner critic that..

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Your 3 Choices in Life and 3 Steps to Choose the Best Option

I've said for years that there is a natural disaster happening in someone's life every day. You probably don't know it, so think about that the next time you are impatient or unkind.

Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with an old friend, and he asked me, "Wayne, how do you do it? How do you keep all of the balls in your life in the air no matter what's happening?"

My answer was this, "You've only got three choices in life: give up, give in, or give it all you've got."

No one's life is perfect. Yes, I know that might be a little difficult to believe since everyone seems to have a "perfect" life when we scroll through our social media feeds. But, every day--no matter the circumstances--there are just those three choices. I believe in positivity, no matter what happens; I don't veer from staying focused and optimistic on a good outcome. The decision I consistently make each day, no matter how easy or difficult it is, is to give it all I've got. Perhaps that's the secret to my success, but no matter what, I know it's what has been the fuel that keeps me going and pushing through the obstacles that arise.

However, I understand that staying positive and giving it all one has can be difficult. I know on some days, the inclination is just to let the day pass. But, we all know that responsible adults can't do that, and we have to push on.

If you're a person who would..

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Critical Thinking: Are Young Men Being Conditioned To Hate Themselves?

For quite some time now, it has been said that there are plenty young men that are suffering from motivational problems. Unlike a lot of young women, these young men don't have a lot of drive.

But, as so much attention had been placed on young girls, this is an issue that has largely been ignored. What undoubtedly plays a part in this is the fact that, in general, females are seen as being oppressed and held back by the 'patriarchy', which is why so much energy and attention is directed towards young girls.


And, regardless of whether this is actually true or not, it has meant that a lot of young men are being overlooked when it comes to support and guidance. It's as though young men can sort themselves out and don't need any kind of support or guidance.

Yet, even though this can appear to be the case, it is clear that young men need support and guidance just as young women do. So, bearing in mind how many young men not in a good way, it is pretty obvious that a lot needs to be done to get them back on track.

A Big Problem

One of the main reasons why so many young men are lost is surely due to the lack of male role models in society. Let's say that a young man is at college/universality, what he could find is that most of his tutors are women.

Along with this, his father might not be around, and, even if he is, he might not be emotionally available. Perhaps there..

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Retirement: Will Someone Need To Create A New Identity If They Have Retired?

When someone has a full time job, it is likely to mean that it is a big part of their life. In fact, what they do for a living could be their whole life, meaning that it will be more than just something they do for a certain amount of hours each week.


What they could find is that what they do for a living is their life, with everything else being an additional part of their life. Therefore, whatever they do at the weekend - that's if they don't work during this part of the week - won't be that important to them.

A Fulfilling Career

This may show that one does something that is deeply rewarding, which is why they don't have the need to do much else with their life. There is also the chance that they are not in a relationship either, giving them even more time to focus on their job.

In a sense, it will be as if they are married to their job, taking away their need to actually have a relationship. Their whole modus operandi could change if they were to meet someone, though.

Another Scenario

Conversely, someone could have a family, but what they do for a living could still be a big part of their life. They might do what they can to find time to be with their partner and even their children, or they might neglect this area of their life.

Not only will it be good for their wellbeing to take a break from their work and to spend time with their family, it will..

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Does The 'I'm Offended' Response Show How Narcissistic The Western World Has Become?

Nowadays, the mainstream media routinely covers instances where someone has been offended by something. At times, what has taken place can receive a fair amount of attention, and, at other times, it can receive a small amount of attention.

But, while this source typically covers instances that have taken place a little while ago, one can browse through a social media site to see it happening in real time. Here, one can instantly find out about what has caused another person to be offended.

Two Worlds

If the mainstream media reports on something, it can relate to what has taken place online or offline. Likewise, if someone online is offended about something, it could be due to what has occurred online or offline.

What this shows, then, is that someone doesn't need to be around other people in order to get worked up about something. Thus, someone could go somewhere that is completely isolated, but as long as they have a device, something will disrupt their inner peace.


One way to look at this would be to say that being offended is simply part of life and that the world is not going to align with how they think it should be. With this in mind, it is going to be a total waste of time and energy for someone to continually get worked up about things.

Behaving in this way can stop them from using their time and energy to actually make the world a better place. It..

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Creativity: Does The Modern-Day World Make It Hard For Someone To Be Creative?

From the moment one wakes up, their senses can be end up being bombarded with stimuli. This is something that can take place if they look at their Smartphone shortly after they wake up.

Their mind can end up being stuffed with information that is both useful and useless. After this, they may have to go to work via train or tube, which is likely to mean that they will be exposed to numerous adverts, sounds and smells.

The Next Phase

Once they get to work, they may end up spending a number of hours on a computer taking in more information. And, during the moments when they get a break, they could end up going through their Smartphone.

Their journey home is likely to be very much the same as their journey to work. If they use their Smartphone for most of their journey home, it may allow them to block out a lot of the external stimuli.

Back Home

After their day at work, they might just want to sit down and watch TV, while looking through their Smartphone. If they were to go for a run, for instance, this can still be a time when they will listen to music.

When the time comes for them to go to bed, they could end up going through their phone, losing track of time in the process. When someone lives like this, or in a way that is very similar, it is going to be clear that they rarely have time to be with themselves.

One Direction

Ultimately, a lot of..

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Femininity: What Can Happen When A Man Rejects His Feminine Nature?

A lot has been said recently about the attack on masculinity and even about how men in general are being undermined. When it comes to masculinity, it is often made out that men are the only ones who have this element, which is then why men end up being seen as bad.

This is, of course, not the case, as both men and women have this element within them. To demonise the masculine aspect, then, doesn't just have a negative impact on men; it also has a negative impact on women.


A woman who wants to develop this side of her nature could end up taking a step back, not wanting to embrace something that is so destructive. Consequently, she could continue to act in a passive and submissive manner.

Ultimately, both of these elements are neither good nor bad; it all depends on how each aspect is used. For example: the feminine aspect can create something that is good or bad; the masculine aspect can destroy something that is good or bad.


But while a lot has been said about how destructive masculinity is and how men need to let go of this side of them, there are a lot of people who are surprised by this. For a lot of men, masculinity is seen as something that they don't have enough of.

A man like this can allow people to walk over him, to behave in a passive manner and to lack drive. It will then be clear to him that he needs to embrace more of this side of his..

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Trauma: How Can Someone Make It Easier For Them To Sleep If They Have PTSD?

If someone has PTSD, it is likely to be a sign that they have experienced something that has overwhelmed their system. Or if it doesn't relate to one thing in particular, it could show that a number of things had this effect on them.

Either way, due to how overwhelmed they were by what took place, it wouldn't have been possible for their system to integrate the experience/s. As a result of this, they can continually re-experience what took place or certain parts of it.

It is Futile

It could be said that the reason they continually re-experience it is because their being is trying to integrate the experience. But, due to the impact it had on them and how strong the charge of the experience is, it is not possible for this to take place.

Instead of being able to re-integrate what took place and then to move on, they simply end up being re-traumatised all over again. This is one reason why it is so essential for someone in this position to reach out for external support.

A Vital Element

Due to how fractured they are internally, they are unlikely to have a lot of inner strength at this time in their life. Like a building that is nearly falling down, they will need external support to make up for what they lack internally.

Reaching out for support is not simply going to be good thing for them to do; it will be something that is essential. If they don't do this and just suffer..

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Does The Film 'Ingrid Goes West' Show What Can Happen When Someone Feels Worthless?

A little while ago a friend mentioned a few films and as he was going through them, he said that one of them sounded good. This was a film called 'Ingrid Goes West', with this being the film that we ended up watching.

Overall, I thought it was a very interesting and entertaining film; one of those films that's a bit different. A little while after I had watched it, I thought that it would be the ideal film for me to write about.

From The Beginning

It kicks off with Ingrid looking through her friend's social media profile, and this is a friend who is getting married. Before long, Ingrid turns up at the wedding and spays something harmful into her friend's eye.

As he wasn't invited to her friend's wedding, she decides to destroy her eye sight. From this act alone, it is clear that something is not quite right about her - she appears to be a bit unhinged.

A Dark Side

It could be said that she has the tendency to experience a fair amount of envy as opposed to merely feeling jealous. The reason for this is that if she simply felt jealous, she would want to have what another person has; but in her case, she doesn't want to another person to have something if she can't have it.

Shortly after this event, Ingrid ends up in a mental hospital, only to come out a little while later to find out that her mother has died. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't seem as though she is that..

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Communication: Is It Important To Approach Others?

If someone was to go camping in the middle of nowhere and they had no food, it would be up to them to find something to eat. Due to where they are, the food that they need is not going to be delivered to them.

In the same way, when someone goes to a social club or at an event, for instance, they will most likely also need to make an effort. This might not be the case if they are extremely attractive or famous.

On The Sidelines

If they were to stand around and didn't engage with others, they could start to feel as though they are being ignored. Seeing other people talking and having a good time is then going to be hard for them to handle.

Along with being ignored, one could even feel as though they are not welcome there and feel the urge to get away. Their mind is going to be busy creating a whole story around what is taking place.

Lighting the Flame

If they want to get involved and no longer want to be on the side looking in, it will be essential for them to take action. Instead of passively waiting around for something to happen, they will be the ones who will make something happen.

Coming from this place will also mean that they are focused on what they can give and not on what they can take. Their whole energy is then going to shift and they will be less likely to have a draining effect on others.

One Option

What one could do is to start..

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Selfless: Do Some Peoples Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Selfless?

There are behaviours that are seen as good and behaviours that are seen as bad, and what usually defines whether a behaviour fits into the first or the second category is the context. For example, aggression can create a problem in one situation but it can prevent a problem in another.

When it comes to the former, one could use their aggression to cause harm, and, when it comes to the latter, they could use it to protect themselves and their loved ones. In this regard, aggression is neutral.

One More

Another example is putting other people first, with this being good in some situations but not in others. If one had a small child, it would be a good idea for them to feed the child first and then to feed themselves.

However, if one was in a plane and there was an emergency, it would be essential for them to take care of themselves first. Once their oxygen mask is on, they will be able to put the mask on their child; if they do the opposite, their life might end before they are able to put an oxygen mask on their child.

A Common Outlook

However, in the same way that aggression as a whole is often vilified in today's world, so is putting ones need first. It is as if the moral thing to do is to put other people's needs first, no matter what.

If, then, one puts their needs first, they are going to be someone who is a selfish human being. It then won't matter if the put other..

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When WE FEEL Taken For Granted

What happens when you have spent the whole day working hard, doing all the household chores and at the end of the day, you feel you deserve a rest. So you prop your feet up, pour yourself a glass of wine and plate yourself some fine cheese, and your spouse walks into the room and says, wow, you are truly enjoying the good life!

How will you feel? Will you laugh out loud at the audacity of your spouse? Who has been playing golf all day long?

Looking at this situation above, one could easily feel as if they have been taken for granted, and then judged. The spouse, on the other hand, could just be teasing. He may or may not have observed a cleaner and tidier home? It is hard to tell.

That's the thing, it is so hard to know where other people are coming from when they pass comments as such when we are wrapped up in our own tiredness and our own experiences. It is easy to feel victimised.

A lot of the times when WE FEEL taken for granted, it is a feeling because we have not been acknowledged or validated. Perhaps nobody showed any thanks for a long time? It is easy to fall into this mode of misery when it happens.

Throwing a temper tantrum is not a solution obviously. Neither is making the decision to stop doing what you have been doing - because stopping means you are trying to punish the other party/parties, which means ultimately, you will only be punishing yourself.

The easiest and also..

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Relationships: Can Shame Stop Someone From Reaching Out To Others?

What can't be denied is that no one is their own island; human beings need each other. This is why it has been said that although some people say that they are independent, this is nothing more than an illusion.


Therefore, while it might be hard for them to accept it, it doesn't change the fact that they are interdependent. When someone can accept this, and doesn't believe that there is anything wrong with needing others, their life is going to be a lot easier than it would be otherwise.

A Small Part

While their five senses can create the impression what they are separate from others, they will realise that they are part of a system. So, in the same way that it will take thousands of components for a car to work, there will be many different elements that allow them to live their own life.

And, if these elements started to disappear, it would be only too clear how reliant they are on other things. Through accepting that they are interdependent and that they need others, there will be no reason for them to try to do everything by themselves.

Lightening the Load

Now, there will be times when one has a lot going on and simply wants to open up to another person. During these times, it won't be necessary for another person to give them advice or to tell them what to do.

This will then be an example of the saying, 'a problem shared is a problem halved'. This..

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Relationships: Can The Fear Of Abandonment Cause Someone Let Anyone Into Their Life?

In the same way that it wouldn't be a good idea for someone to put anything into their mouth; it also wouldn't be a good idea for them to open themselves up to anyone. Therefore, the level of discernment that they show when it comes to the former will need to be shown when it comes to the latter.

If someone exercises discernment when it comes to their relationships, they are undoubtedly going to save themselves a lot of trouble. Still, this doesn't mean that this area of their life will always run smoothly; what it means is that they won't have the tendency to open their front door, so to speak, to just anyone.

Two Levels

When they meet someone, it most likely won't be long until they have an idea about whether or not they want them to be a part of their life. This will apply to someone who could be a friend or to someone who they could have an intimate relationship with.

There will be what takes place at a conscious level and what takes place an unconscious level. One is then not going to need to rely on their intellect alone in order to know if another person is right for them, as their intuition will assist them.

Super Fast

This part of them is like an advanced computer as it doesn't take long to pick up information and then to send this information up to their conscious mind. Their intellect, on the other hand, is extremely slow in comparison.

This part of them will..

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Relationships: Can Someone's Split-Off Parts Cause Them To Have Affairs?

There are a number of things that can cause a relationship to come to an end, and some of these things receive more exposure in the public eye than others. For example, it is not uncommon to hear about someone who had an abusive partner and how this caused their relationship to come to an end.


Along with being in an abusive relationship, there are those who were in a relationship with someone who continually cheated on them. Now, while this is what some people out there have been through, there are undoubtedly people who are going through these kinds of things right now.


If one is in a relationship with someone who is abusive, they are likely to know about it (that is unless being treated in this way is normal and, therefore, doesn't stand out). However, if one is in a relationship with someone who is having an affair or who routinely cheats, they might not be aware of it.

One can then believe that they are in a relationship that is going well, only to have a partner who is sharing their body with other people. Their lack of knowledge of what is taking place is going to save them a fair amount of pain, at least in the short-term.

A Matter of Time

But, sooner or later, they are bound to get an idea about what is taking place. They might see something that makes it clear that their partner is straying, or they could just sense that something is not right.

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Can The Fear Of Abandonment Cause Someone To Attract People Who Are Emotionally Dependent?

In order for two people to have a relationship together, they will both need to be able to behave like interdependent adults. The reason for this is that if only one of them acts like an interdependent adult, it will stop this from taking place.

Instead, what will happen is that one of them will be like a parent and the other will be like a child. This is then not going to be something that takes place from time to time; it will take place more or less all of the time.


Naturally, there are going to be moments in just about every relationship where one person will regresses to a childlike state. Due to the amount of stress that they are in, it will cause them to devolve to an earlier stage in their life.

However, after a little while the state they are in is likely to change, allowing them to return to their adult self. This can be something that takes place if they have experienced a loss or if they have too much going on in their life.

Extending Themselves

When one of them regresses, the other could make it clear that they are there for them. There is likely to be the emotional support that they give them, and they might even do a number of things for them that they wouldn't usually do.

Once this stage has passed, their partner could let them know how thankful they are for their support, and even end up treating them in some way. Yet, if something like this..

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Relationships: What Can Someone Do If They Keep Ending Up With The Wrong Person?

If someone had just bought a car, there is a strong chance that they would have taken it for a test drive first. This would have given them the opportunity to find out what it is like and to see if it would be a good match for them.

Along with this, they would have most likely asked a number of questions about the car. After all, this was a big decision, so it is a good thing that they had done their research and not just gone for any car.

A Different Approach

However, while someone might be judicious when it comes to what car they buy, this might not be the case when it comes to who they start a relationship with. Therefore, even though this is an important area of their life, they might act as though it isn't.

If they behaved this way when it came to buying a car, they could end up buying a car that is dangerous or only looks good from the outside. Either way, they will have ended up making a bad decision.

The Main Thing

What someone like this could find is that as long as another person looks good, it is enough for them to take things further. The effect that this person's appearance has on them is then going to put them into an altered state of consciousness, with this state taking away their ability to think clearly.

The Hallo Effect

Thanks to the other person's appearance, one will see them through rose coloured glasses. If they were to express what..

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Relationships: Can Someone Have Affairs When They Have A Fear Of Abandonment?

If someone is in a relationship that they no longer want to be in, it might not be long until it comes to an end. Perhaps they have been together for a number of months, or they may have been with each other for a number of years.

Yet, regardless of the amount of time that they have been with them, they are not going to want to stay put. This doesn't mean that it will be easy for them to end the relationship; what it comes down to is that being with this person is no longer serving them.

A Small Price to Pay

Therefore, the pain that they will experience in the short-term will pale in comparison to what will gain in the long-term. Cutting their ties with this person will allow them to let go of a lot of things and to embrace a number of new things.

For example, by no longer being with the same person, it will make it easier for them to behave in new ways. Some of their current behaviours that are being affirmed by their partner will start to die-off when the relationship comes to an end.

A New Beginning

In the same way that living in a cold climate will have a certain effect on them, the relationship they are in will be the same. Thus, if this was to come to an end, it might be similar to moving somewhere that is warm.

In a different climate, their behaviour is likely to change and so are the types of clothes that they wear. And once their relationship comes to an end,..

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Relationships: Do Some People Shut Down Emotionally After A Breakup?

There are a number of things that can cause someone to experience incredible pain, and a breakup is one of those things. When someone experiences a break up, it can feel as though their whole has come to end.

It won't matter if they had been with the other person for matter of months or years, as the pain can wipe them out. One can then have gone from feeling on top of the world, to feeling as though they are at the bottom of the world.

Knocked Down

However, even if they didn't feel this way, how they now feel is still likely to be radically different. One could then have a physically strong body, a body that is covered in muscle, but it won't have an effect on how they feel.

On the outside, then, they will look strong, yet they will feel incredibly weak on the inside. If they don't have a body like this, they can still feel far weaker than they actually look.

A Loss of Control

Before this point in time, they may have been fairly balanced, and they may have also found it fairly easy to handle their emotions when this wasn't the case. Now, their emotions will be out of control, and it could be more or less impossible for them to settle their emotions down.

In fact, it could feel as though they are now all at sea and there is very little that they can do about it. One of their greatest needs can then be to do whatever they can to regain control over their inner world.

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Emotional Support: Does Someone Want To Have Their Problems Solved If They Are Emotional?

If someone's emotions are not settled and they are all at sea, so to speak, there is the chance that they are going through a challenging time. Or, it could show that something in their life has had a big impact on them.

The next step might be for them to reach out to a friend or a family member, for instance, for support. When it comes to the person who they reach out to, this could be someone they know they can trust.

The Next Step

As one talks about what is going on for them, the other person may simply listen to what they have to say. Along with this, this person may also validate what they are saying by showing concern and repeating some of what they have said, among other things.

One might be pleased with how this person is responding and be grateful that they are spending time together. It will then be clear that they didn't want this person to do anything for them; they simply wanted them to be there.

Emotional Containment

They would have lacked inner stability; with this being the reason why they reached out for someone who could provide them with external stability. In the same way that taking water out of the sea and putting it into a bucket would gradually settle the water down, spending time around someone who is settled would have had a similar effect.

So, thanks to the external structure that this person provided, spending a little while in their company..

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Relationships: Is It A Good Sign If Someone Is Extremely Attracted To Another Person?

While one could come across another person and not really experience anything, they could come across someone else and it could be as if their whole being has been hijacked. But, even though this is the case, it doesn't mean that one will see this as a bad thing.

One will then have lost control, yet it will be seen as a sign that they have met someone who is right for them. Every part of their being is then going to be on green, telling them to move ahead.

An Analogy

Therefore, this scenario is likely to be very similar to how it would be if one went to look for a new car. There will be cars that don't do it for them, cars that they like but are not enamoured with, and cars that they are strongly drawn to.

In will then be a good idea for them to buy the car that really draws them in, that's if they have the means to do so. If they end up with a car that doesn't do it for them, it is unlikely that they will enjoy having the car.

One Direction

So, just like being drawn to a car will tell them that the car is right for them, being strongly attracted to someone will tell them that the peons is right for them. As a result of this, one will want to do what they can to take things further.

Another thing that they may feel the need to do, after having met some like this, is to tell the people in their life about what has happened. They could end up telling these people that they..

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Relationships: Can Someone Have Relationship Problems If They Lack Self-Awareness?

In the same way that someone would need to be in the right place in order to drive a car, they would also need to be in the right place to have a relationship. When it comes to the former, if someone was unable to drive or was drunk, it wouldn't be a good idea for them to drive.

On the other, when it comes to the latter, if someone generally neglected themselves and felt as though their life lacked meaning, it probably wouldn't be a good idea for them to start a relationship. One wouldn't be in a good place, so it is unlikely that they would end up finding someone who is in a good way either.

Not a Problem

However, if they have the ability to detach from what they are going through and are able to see themselves in a more objective manner, they will be able to do something about their current situation. Therefore, in the same way that one would realise that they would need to learn how to drive before they try to drive a car, they will see that they have work to do on themselves.

This might frustrate them in the short-term, but at the same time, they will be able to see that it will be worth it in the long-term. They might see that if they were to simply go ahead and find someone anyway, it would set them up to have even more challenges to overcome.

One Step at A Time

Not going right ahead and being patient, will give them more energy to work on their own issues. Putting their foot on..

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